I consider myself a southern girl raised by northern parents.  When I was one year old, my parents bought the property that I grew up in located in the small town of Dunnellon, FL.  More specifically, it was in the development of Rainbow Springs, named thus due to the crystal clear magnificent Rainbow River.  I had lots of fun in that 72 degree water growing up. 

Ironically, Rainbow Springs was originally designed to be a family oriented community, however, the ones more experienced in life (older ones), overwhelmingly gradually moved there.  Although it is not technically a 55+ community, I like to joke by saying I grew up in a retirement community.  Needless to say, I had many adopted grandparents looking out for their token neighborhood child. 

Even since then, I have resided in Marion county.  If Dunnellon wasn't small enough, after getting married, I moved to the smaller town of Anthony, FL.  The land is so beautiful there with huge granddaddy oaks, elephant ears, and all kinds of natural Florida vines.  

Then we moved to a town so small, it doesn't even have its own post office, Fellowship, FL.  This is clear on the other side of Marion county.  The land there is abundant with rolling hills and filled with horse farms.  The Horse International Trade Show, (H.I.T.S) is now just a hop skip and a jump away from that property.

We made yet another move in Marion county.  This time to the middle.  Being that we couldn't go much smaller, we decided to go big and settle down just outside the Ocala city limits. Yet, we are still nestled among horse farms.  It couldn't get much better than that.  However, Ocala is growing once again and soon the city will be too close to see the stars.  When that happens, it will once again be time to move.  

With Marion County's diverse mix of areas to live, I'm sure I will have no problem finding a new place to call home.  Who knows, maybe I'll check out that not quite retirement community of Rainbow Springs as I recently heard on CBS that according to RealtyTrac, Dunnellon, FL is the number one on the list for places to "spend your golden years".  Huh, go figure.  


Lydia Rust